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Veil Intimates’ patented process and design within a bra cup eliminates various comfort and design limitations in current women’s apparel offerings. The technology bridges the white space between the uncomfortable underwire and unsupportive wirefree bra.

Our technology uniquely leverages additive manufacturing capabilities on a mass-manufacturing basis, allowing women’s apparel brands to easily and cost-effectively incorporate the bra cup component into their existing product lines.   



Our patented process and design has various applications for women’s apparel.


intimate apparel

formal wear

active wear

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Veil Intimates is a start-up apparel innovation company guiding brands to new technologies in women’s apparel.​

A New Technology

Veil Intimates’ strong appeal to leading brands in both the mainstream and premium apparel sectors are based on the increasing desire from consumer to wear apparel that is beautiful, functional, and fits her based on her unique anatomy and lifestyle. The added benefits of leveraging the latest advancements made in the manufacturing process, through streamlining product design and reducing number of components in production, manufacturing time per piece, and assembly defects add to the appeal.

Veil Intimates helps solve the love-hate relationship that every woman has with her underwire.  The product provides comfort and support without compromising aesthetics.




Not only is our support system engineered to alleviate design challenges and wearer discomfort, Veil Intimates also has broad patented applications for the women's apparel industry.

  • Customized Intimate Apparel
    The company recognizes the growing desire of women to have a personalized, well-fitted foundation.  With asymmetry being very common, there is a strong demand in the market to create a customized bra for each woman. This bespoke option is an essential element of Veil Intimates research and development.

  • Sensory Technology
    Veil Intimates support system can be utilized as a vehicle for integrating sensory technology applications.


  • Post-Surgical Apparel 
    Veil is working with mass-manufacturing leaders in additive manufacturing technology to develop a bra cup that is customized for post surgical patients.

About Us

Veil Intimates three founding female entrepreneurs recognized that they not only craved comfort and functionality while being fashionable, but that every woman desires the same. 


While forging partnerships with leaders in fashion, higher education, engineering, additive, and apparel manufacturing; these founders have gathered valuable insights into how to combine all elements to create a unique solution to be utilized throughout the industry.




Nancy brings more than 25 years of experience in new business development and business-to-business relationship management from media, beauty, and recruiting industries. Nancy’s strengths are in contract negotiation, account management, relationship development, needs analysis, and strategic planning. She leads the strategic partnerships with Veil’s higher education and private sector research and development partnerships. 




Meghan is a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in management, business-to-business sales, operations, and M&A activities. Meghan will leverage her key strengths in new business development, contract negotiation, supply chain and process improvement, as well as, patent process management and innovation. She leads the strategic partnerships with brand partners and legal advisors.  She serves as the internal leader of the organization. 



Kathy brings more than 20 years of experience in senior leadership and has served on multiple Board of Directors in varying industries. Kathy’s strengths in leadership, financial assessment, and financial planning make her the prudent choice as Financial Manager. Kathy’s role as Financial Manager involves leading all finance functions of the business, and driving business value by supporting company growth through pricing and trade promotion.




Heather is a seasoned design executive with decades of experience leading teams in intimate apparel design and innovation at market leading companies. Heather has a unique set of skills, bridging groundbreaking concepts and design to successful implementation and go-to-market strategy.  Heather leads and guides the design integration strategy and manages the continued product innovation process.

DR. RYAN O'HARA, Lead Engineer 


Ryan is a Multi-disciplinary Aerospace and Mechanical engineer with over 20 years of demonstrated leadership in advanced R&D.  He has a strong track record of delivering cutting-edge high-performance designs that leverage advanced manufacturing and computational modeling.  Ryan leads the physics-based engineering development of Veil Intimates’ innovation design and integration.

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